Types of Dominoes


Originally referred to as “bones” or “cards”, dominoes are rectangular blocks of wood with a line running down the middle. These pieces are used in several games. They were first introduced in Europe in the mid-18th century. In the 1860s, the domino game appeared in American literature. Later, it spread to England and France. In 1889, it became popular worldwide.

Unlike playing cards, which are usually blank on one side, dominoes are marked with an arrangement of pips. This makes it possible to determine the suit of a single tile. For example, a single tile belongs to a suit of threes.

There are also some types of dominoes that are blank on both sides. These are called Chinese dominoes. Traditionally, these are made of bone or ivory. However, these can also be made of other materials. In fact, these are often preferred by children who prefer to use them as toys.

When playing dominoes, players lay a tile on the table. Then, they must position the tile so that it touches a certain end of the chain. The player who plays a domino with the same number at both ends is said to have “stitched up” the ends. The other person will then mentally note which numbers are available. When the player has enough tiles to rap the table, the game is over.

Another type of domino game is a scoring game. In this game, the player who has the least spots on the dominoes wins. The set of the highest value has six spots on both ends. In a double-six set, the player draws seven tiles from the stock. They then play them into tricks. Each trick is worth one point. The player can win the game if he or she has the highest total of points, which is 42.

Another common type of domino game is a layout game. This is a game where each player has a certain amount of space. Then, the players line up their dominoes along a line and try to make an interesting shape. There are different shapes that can be formed by the tiles, and the shape depends on the limitations of the surface of the board. Some of these shapes include a straight line, a circle, and a rectangle.

These games are generally played with two people, though there are some variants where one partner chips out and the other raps the table. This version is called Concentration.

Another popular game is Tien Gow. In this game, the players alternate in placing their dominoes on the board. The Chinese dominoes are different from European dominoes in that they do not have a suit distinction. Instead, each tile in the set represents the faces of two thrown dice. These tiles are used to play the Chinese dominoes.

These games can be played with friends or against a computer. They are often a very complicated game, but they are also very fun. They are available for sale online, and can be a great way to spend time with friends and family.